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Designing self-administered questionnaires is an art.  A well-designed
questionnaire shows the respondent that you care about them and value what they
think – they become more likely to express
honest opinions.

We have relationships with
all of the major consumer and business-to-business
in order to reach representative and targeted samples.  When the
objectives require it, we can draw sample from more than one panel.  We work with:

We recommend the
most appropriate panel for each project, design the sample
frame, develop the questionnaire, manage the fieldwork, and provide an insightful
analysis and report.  Our analyses are
action-oriented, addressing all of your
business and research objectives.

If you want feedback from your
customers, employees, or senior management,
just provide the sample and we'll do the rest.
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  • SurveySpot (Survey Sampling)
  • Greenfield Online
  • Harris Interactive
  • Ipsos Insights (formerly NPD)
  • TNS (formerly NFO WorldGroup)
  • Synovate (formerly Market Facts)